GuideNOW - 3D & AI robot guidance

物品号: RBTX-INBO-0001

inbolt GuideNOW is a real-time 3D vision and AI-driven robot guidance system that enables robots to dynamically locate workpieces and adjust their path, eliminating fixtures, indexing and integration costs. Increase your efficiency with fast and flexible automation of picking, clamping, inspection and bonding tasks!

Usual delivery time: 3 weeks


GuideNOW Studio

At the heart of this innovation is a state-of-the-art 3D matching vision technology that processes extensive 3D data at lightning speed and detects the position and orientation of the workpiece with exceptional efficiency. This dynamic technology instantly adapts to the robot's motion.

Inbolt's GuideNOW solution is not only revolutionary, but also cost-effective. It unlocks the potential of automation in structured, semi-structured and unstructured environments, reducing automation costs while providing maximum flexibility. A major advantage of the inbolt visionary solution is its ease of use. Programming GuideNOW is a snap and can be done in just three steps and under 30 minutes - without complex computer vision skills.

Inbolt is not just a solution, it is the gateway to effortless automation in a wide range of processes. Whether automating pick-and-place, handling, assembly or non-destructive testing processes, Inolt GuideNOW technology fits effortlessly into all production environments - whether on a continuously moving line or at a fixed workstation. The solution is compatible with UR robots. Inbolt additionally develops robot integration according to customer requirements.

GuideNOW isn't just changing robotics - it's reinventing it. By merging AI and 3D vision, it enables industries to achieve entirely new levels of efficiency, ease of use, and adaptability.


Real-time workpiece localization & tracking

GuideNOW is powered by the fastest workpiece localization and tracking algorithm on the market (reaction time >80ms)


Easy set-up and programming

The system and new workpiece reference can be set-up by anyone in less than 30 minute with our built-in CAD model based programming software: GuideNOW Studio.


Robust to any factory condition

3D camera technology used by GuideNOW and high performance localization algorithm make the solution extremely resilient to lighting conditions.

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Improved flexibility

GuideNOW enhances robotic installation flexibility by reducing the need of custom tooling and indexing system, allowing fast production changeover and reduced tooling cost.


Process agnostic

Automate all types of manufacturing processes: assembly, handing, non-destructive testing, etc. with more flexibility.